What is MEDX?

MedCredits (MEDX) is a protocol token on the Ethereum blockchain to be used within the MedCredits application as payment for services between patients and health care providers as well as payment to nodes for physician verification on the network. It is not a security or commodity.

Are MEDX equivalent to shares?

No. Ownership of the token does not confer any rights to ownership, intellectual property, stake in or right to receive revenue from the MedCredits team. Once distributed to the public, MEDX are neither refundable nor controlled by the team.

How do you go from a dermatology app to an entire health care system?

At its core, healthcare is an interaction between a patient and a provider. A healthcare system is simply a collection of patients and providers operating in a designated setting such as a clinic, hospital or virtual setting. By gradually recruiting patients and providers we will organically grow from a single-specialty platform into a multi-specialty system.

Why decentralize health care?

Centralized systems are generally less efficient than their decentralized counterparts. This can be secondary to middlemen fees, unequal distribution of resources, regulatory compliance issues of home country, etc. Telemedicine suffers from these barriers as well and is unlikely to flourish under these restrictions. By decentralizing telemedicine, middlemen fees are eliminated, physician resources are distributed worldwide, and healthcare regulation will adapt to keep up with the technological progress. We are already currently seeing these changes take place in regards to digital currency and financial regulations.

Why would patients want to use MedCredits?

Our platform will lower the cost of medical care, increase convenience and give patients control over their health. Patients all over the world will have faster and easier access to the health care system, while avoiding unnecessary wait times and visits to the doctor. Patients will have access to and control their own medical records at all times. Finally, we expect an evaluation on the MedCredits platform to cost a fraction of the cost of a traditional office visit.

Why would health care providers want to use MedCredits?

Our platform will allow physicians to live wherever they like and not depend entirely on the local population of patients. Physicians will be able to evaluate patients globally from the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, with a unified electronic medical records system, communication with other specialists and evaluation of new patients will become more efficient, allowing physicians to provide quality care to a greater number of patients.

What if a doctor on MedCredits gives me the wrong diagnosis?

The MedCredits platform will have mechanisms in place to mitigate the likelihood of this happening. With both a physician rating system and discounted second opinions, we hope to minimize the occurrences of mistakes. Nevertheless, doctors make mistakes in the current healthcare system too. Telemedicine is a well-studied field and there are appropriate and inappropriate uses of the technology.

Additional questions?

Please inquire on one of our community channels listed on MedCredits.io! Also, be sure to look out for and participate in our Telegram to ask any additional questions.