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MedCredits is the first blockchain powered platform connecting patients and doctors worldwide on a decentralized network.

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How it Works

MedCredits harnesses the power of a P2P network, the blockchain and smart phones to connect patients and doctors worldwide on a decentralized network. By decentralizing medicine, MedCredits is able to create a free-market system providing more affordable and efficient healthcare than currently available. Based on the framework of the OpenBazaar codebase, the first software release Hippocrates is a user-friendly app on the MedCredits platform connecting patients to dermatologists for fast diagnoses at a fraction of the cost.

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Snap a photo of your skin problem. Developed for iOS and Android for easy use with your smartphone camera.

Provide your age, sex, symptoms and time course of the problem.

Pay in MEDX, an ERC20 token secured on the Ethereum Blockchain. Smart contracts automate payment transfer once a doctor has reviewed your case.

Receive a diagnosis and medical recommendation in hours!

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Telemedicine on the blockchain

MedCredits is the first decentralized healthcare network built from the Openbazaar protocol. Openbazaar is an advanced P2P network that allows for a trustless exchange of goods between parties eliminating the need for central control and middlemen.

Faster diagnoses

MedCredits provides patients access to a global network of doctors. This borderless network connects time zones all over the world allowing patients to receive near instant diagnoses at anytime.

User-friendly app

With MedCredits' simple interactive mobile app, Hippocrates, patients can easily submit cases and receive diagnoses with the touch of a few buttons and a photo. How healthcare should be.

Healthcare from anywhere

Telemedicine is expected to become a $200 billion market within 10 years. With blockchain based telemedicine, MedCredits gives patients access to healthcare from the comfort of their homes with no wait times.

Affordable healthcare

By connecting physicians and patients on a decentralized global network, MedCredits creates an efficient, free healthcare market with no middlemen. Thus reducing unnecessary healthcare costs associated with traditional office visits.

Universal medical records

MedCredits creates an electronic medical record (EMR) system allowing doctors to better co-manage patients on an interconnected network. All the while, still giving patients control of the private keys to their own health records.

Project Timeline

The date of the token sale launch will be announced in September 2017 with a target of raising the equivalent of 30 million USD in Bitcoin, Ether and Waves. A total of 100,000,000 MedCredits tokens (MEDX) will be generated between the Ethereum and Waves platforms.
The token sale will end after 1-2 months or sooner if the target of 30 million USD is raised prior to the deadline.
The pre-alpha phase of development will consist of modifying the OpenBazaar codebase to establish a stable desktop platform to serve as a customized healthcare network.
The alpha release will be designed to test the network, mobile app, and desktop version for usability and functionality. Access to the alpha version will be by invitation only, and rolled out to token sale participants. Once the majority of bugs are fixed, we will then launch the alpha version of the software on the main network.
The MedCredits mobile and desktop platforms will be open to the general public for use in teledermatology. In order to incentivize both patients and physicians to use the platform during this trial period, the first 6 months or 1000 cases will be free for patient use. Physician compensation will come from the MedCredits marketing funds.
All bugs fixed, and Hippocrates app no longer in beta. Begin marketing campaign to attract both patients and doctors to platform.
Once a functioning dermatology app and desktop version is complete, we will expand MedCredits’ services to other medical specialties, beginning with psychology and “Ask a Doctor” feature. HIPAA-compliant video capabilities will also be added to the platform for services requiring live video encounters.
Platform stability and bug fixing on test net.
Release of Galen onto the mainnet. Fix any remaining bugs.
Stable release of Galen app and successful upgrade of the MedCredits platform. Begin marketing campaign in added medical specialties and general medicine.
Platform upgrade to include the following new features: patient charts, appointment scheduling, notifications of upcoming appointments and physician referral. The platform will now serve as both an EMR and health services platform, all in one location.

Developed by Ivy League trained US doctors to better serve patients everywhere



James M Todaro, MD


Dr. Todaro graduated with honors from Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, and is a licensed medical doctor in the United States. He has cultivated technology and industry experience during his employment at the United States Patent and Trademark Office and as Director for a medical device company. Dr. Todaro has been actively involved in blockchain technology since 2013.


Moshe Praver, MD


Dr. Praver graduated with honors from Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, and is a licensed medical doctor in the United States. He is highly published in peer-reviewed journals in the field of neurosurgery, and has explored blockchain applications in borderless healthcare solutions since 2014.


John Todaro

VP Business Development

John Todaro graduated summa cum laude from University of Pennsylvania with coursework in finance from the Wharton School of Business. He has developed financial expertise during various trading positions for a New York investment bank.


Ryan Cody

Technology Lead

Ryan Cody graduated from University of Michigan with a degree in engineering. He is proficient with Python / HTML / JavaScript / C# / PHP / MySQL and Solidity. Always looking for the next wave in programming, Ryan is excited to see the MedCredits platform development to fruition.


Arjun Dupati, MD

Clinical Specialist

Dr. Dupati is currently in his final months of completing his residency training in the field of Dermatology at the University of Michigan. He has been inducted into numerous honor societies and currently serves as the Academic Chair and Clinical Trial resident. He brings invaluable clinical experience to the MedCredits platform.


Bryan Baillis, MD

Clinical Specialist

Dr. Baillis is currently in his final months of completing his residency training in Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery at the Medical University of South Carolina. His clinical experience in dermatology is integral to the development of the teledermatology app Hippocrates.


Vimell Yuvarajah


Vimell completed four years of study in engineering and Master’s coursework in computer science at the University of Pennsylvania. He has held various positions in programming, most recently in algorithmic trading for a leading quantitative hedge fund.


David Barmherzig


David Barmherzig studied engineering and mathematics at Harvard and the University of Toronto, and is accredited by Professional Engineers Ontario. He is completing his Ph.D. at Stanford University in mathematical signal processing and optimization, and is excited to bring his expertise in algorithm design and dataset query to the MedCredits platform.


Joseph Todaro

Investor Relations

Joseph Todaro is an early investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as numerous other cryptocurrency projects. He brings his expertise in protocol evaluation and market analysis.


Paul Horvath

Cyber Security and Cryptography Expert

Paul Horvath holds a degree in Computer Science and is an information security advocate for a major health insurance network. With numerous certifications in Reverse Engineering Malware, Operating Systems Forensics, Advanced Linux/Unix Hardening and Network Forensics from SANS, Paul is making valuable contributions to cybersecurity and cryptography.


Stewart Donnell


Mr. Donnell is president of Donnell Consultants Inc., a project cost management consultancy which he founded in 1986. With over 35 years of business management experience, he has consulted on projects ranging from $10 million to $300 million both on the national and international stage. He is a fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Mr. Donnell is excited to bring his vast experience in company operations and organizational leadership to the MedCredits project.